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For the first single match final in the Conmebol Libertadores’ history Filmmaster Events created an opening ceremony conceived as one big tribute to the South American people's passion for football.

The 2019 Final of the most important football tournament for South American clubs took place on 23rd November at the Monumental U stadium in Lima, played out between Flamengo and River Plate. A spectacular show was held on the occasion, created and produced by Filmmaster Events in collaboration with Touché, involving over 300 people including cast, staging, with dancers, percussionists and the four South American stars Fito Paez, Anitta Sebastian Yatra and Tini, who entertained the audience and fans. The ceremony led spectators along an emotional journey dedicated to the celebrated "hinchas", the most passionate South American football-fan communities, before culminating in the unveiling of the prestigious Copa Libertadores.

An extraordinary ceremony on a number of fronts, not least due to the change of location (from Santiago de Chile to Lima) decided two weeks before the event. Despite the change in conditions (a new stadium, a different country and new providers), not to mention the short time period to reorganise the event, Filmmaster pulled off a show which entranced an audience of 80 thousand fans present and around 5 billion TV viewers in over 160 countries, generating highly positive reviews in South American press and beyond.


  • 7,000 sqm of carpet used during the ceremony

  • 300 performers

  • 80,000 spectators present

  • around 5 billion TV viewers around the world

  • 169 countries viewed the event live on TV

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