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04 Aprile ROMa

With around 35 million connected viewers from 90 countries and over 35,000 spectators, the 2019 Geox Rome E-Prix, the seventh race in the ABB FIA Formula E Championship (12th-13th April 2019), was one of the most important sporting events of the year, part of an international project that represents the present and future of mobility.

This high-impact event required highly complex and precise management, given the peculiar location (the 2,84km length circuit is located in the EUR district, one of the Italian capital’s historic neighbourhoods), and effective management of relationships with many different stakeholders in the institutional, sports and public and private corporate world.

It took a year of work and a dedicated Filmmaster Events team of around 60 people to create this two-day event over an area of 28,000 square meters, which required 20 days of construction and the coordination, during the days of the event, of roughly 800 security guards, around 500 volunteers and over 1,700 people working for local business partners and providers.

Filmmaster Events handled the organisation and promotion of the whole event: from the technical management of the circuit and all its related structures and infrastructure, to the design, production and coordination of the E-Village, a festival dedicated to future mobility and technological innovation. In addition to the public, the event was attended by over 7,000 corporate guests.

The 2019 Rome E-Prix 2019 brought together car enthusiasts and families, united by the values of sport and sustainable mobility. The various entertainment initiatives also included Paralympic rugby, hockey and basketball competitions involving 75 athletes from three federations, as well as a free concert for the city.

The event was awarded as best Sports Event at Bea Italy 2019 - Italian Festival of Event and Live Communication.

  • 28,000 square meters area

  • 2,84km length circuit

  • 20 days of construction

  • Over 35,000 spectators

  • Over 7,000 corporate guests

  • 800 security guards

  • 500 volunteers

  • 35 million connected viewers

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