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2019 upfront was Filmmaster Events’ seventh project for Discovery Italy. The presentation event of the autumn schedule was transformed into a show celebrating the Discovery's essence, based on an engaging way of making entertainment that is close to the people, which has been rewarded with viewing figures that have put the broadcaster in the third place at the national level.

To represent this unique style of making television, Filmmaster Events chose the slogan “Power to the People” as the concept of the entire event, which was conceived as a “the real people’s show”.

The atmosphere of the Piccolo Teatro Strehler in Milan, which on 5 September 2019 hosted around a thousand people, including clients and investors, elevated the power of the story by amplifying the setting designed by Filmmaster Events with screens that emerged from the proscenium and moved towards the audience, ensuring that the story and the entertainment were given the maximum audio and video power. The use of see-through technology, moreover, enabled the creation of a suspended portal with video content able to powerfully interact with the people who gradually enlivened the stage, creating part-real and part-digital scenery, thanks to transparencies and surprise effects.

The video that opened the evening was designed to make clear right from the start the great driving force of the slogan "Power to the People", the central axis of the show's direction, embodied on the stage through the key communities (classified by passions and targets) along with all the stars and the iconic content of the universe of the Discovery channels.

This approach characterised the entire upfront, from the initial walk-in framed as a chat between the stars of the channels to the offstage voice in a joint hosting by a virtual assistant and ironic live radio, through all the presentations of the representatives of Discovery’s top management who, immersed in the scenery, took turns on the stage with some of the talent.

Filmmaster Events was also responsible for the staging of the Rome upfront for Discovery Italy, which was held on Wednesday, 11 September at the National Gallery of Modern Art, for around 250 guests.

  • More than 1,250 guests in two venues

  • Over 30 guest stars, celebrities from the broadcaster’s channels

  • 1 hour 30 minute show

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