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The presentation of the new range of Daily and IVECO S-WAY commercial vehicles marks the debut of an unprecedented event format: a sixty-minute digital show – streamed on the IVECO Live Channel ( – produced on a specially designed set, with speakers and performers celebrating, in a continuous flow, the distinctive features of connectivity and sustainable efficiency of the new vehicles in their respective 'natural environments', namely the urban context and heavy transport.


At the heart of the narrative, and its underlying theme, is the centrality of the customers of the vehicles in the two ranges, in their vocation as increasingly smart, connected and fuel-efficient vehicles.


Customer centricity comes to the fore right from the initial teaser – based on a chat conversation between IVECO and a customer, with the manufacturer literally inviting its driver to discover the new features of the two ranges – and then becomes even more concrete thanks to the circular stage on which the entire presentation takes place.


Thanks to the interactive LED walls, the stage becomes the setting for both the institutional moments of the presentation and the technical description of the ranges, and the everyday practical situations encountered when using Daily and IVECO S-WAY, which take shape live, in a continuous and unique narrative.


After the greetings and the initial introduction, with a turn of the camera, and also thanks to the images transmitted by the LED wall, the square of a large metropolis materialises, animated by people and businesses, where Daily goes into daily action in its delivery and transport activities and from which IVECO representatives demonstrate in detail the new features of the vehicle.


A performance by urban-style dancers to the beat of a beatbox then returns the stage to the speakers for the presentation of the IVECO S-WAY range. And, with another turn of the camera, the truck appears on a road accompanied by a light display, LEDs and a visual choreography of luminous bodies, projections on the ground, light design and video, which helps to set the pace of the narrative by introducing the final part of the show, dedicated to the conclusions of the speakers and the questions of the dealers, who are connected live to the event.

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