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With the concept “3210_Unlock the next Level” Filmmaster Events organised the exclusive world premier of Nikola TRE, the first zero emissions truck by IVECO created by the partnership of CNH Industrial and Nikola Motor Company, the American hybrid truck design start-up.

The concept of the event focused on a set of numbers, "3,2,1,0", alluding to a "countdown" which is also a code in which each digit evokes a characteristic of the joint venture: "3" as in Nikola TRE, "2" as in the number of project partners, which become "1" as part of the partnership and "0" as in zero emissions, the ultimate aim of the initiative.

For the occasion, Filmmaster Events accompanied the hosts of CNH Industrial into the future of sustainable mobility, through an ideal time machine, transforming a gala dinner at Officine Grandi Riparazioni (OGR) in Turin into the unveiling of the Nikola TRE.

For the dinner, which took place on 2nd December 2019, Filmmaster Events created an ambience alluding to a space suspended in time, where a hexagonal-shaped mirror structure (evoking the Nikola brand logo), inspired by the languages of contemporary architecture, obliterated the heaviness of space, making everything weightless and timeless. The Nikola TRE, the first zero emissions heavy goods vehicle, emerged from this structure, as though from the chrome shell of a "time machine". In this reconstruction, the creative masterminds of Filmmaster aimed to transform the heavy goods vehicle into absolute lightness. 

On the next day, the same set-up, with the new Nikola TRE truck at the centre, was re-proposed before an international audience of dealers, sales managers, VIP customers and other institutional guest, at the CNH Industrial Village, Turin.

The event was curated by Filmmaster Events, also as a powerful generator of contents aired on all social channels. Both days were also broadcast live on the internet, on the Iveco YouTube channel.

  • 200 international guests

  • 750 sqm of reflecting surface used to drive the message of a "zero-impact set-up"

  • 600 lighting bodies and 500 sqm of LEDs and lights used during the gala dinner

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