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Organized 13 years after the last global convention, “Ready 2 Go” was a milestone event for IVECO, a CNH Industrial Group subsidiary, world leader in the production of industrial vehicles.


To celebrate the values of the IVECO world and to launch the new S-WAY – one of the brand’s most iconic vehicles – on the EMEA market, Filmmaster Events created a spectacular convention and show with impressive technology, captivating guests from 20 countries around the world.

For the first time for an Italian company at a corporate event, ‘see-through’ technology was used, featuring a striking system with three very large screens that could move independently and create transparency effects.

At the moment when the new S-WAY was revealed, the vehicle entered the scene immersed in very spectacular technological settings and then dynamically interacted with the LED wall during the presentation of its main features.

During the following show, the stars were the IVECO trucks arranged in the room around the guests’ tables, an integral part of the scene. The vehicles with lights on interacted with the videos and the performers, illuminating the large screens and producing a luminous vortex which – like a “time machine” – started the emotional journey (The Iveco Way) that involved the evening’s guests and recalled the key moments of the Group’s last 40 years, interwoven with major world events.

The large-scale choreography, featuring performers and dancers who interacted with the video, culminated in a finale in which physical action and dance blended with technology to accentuate the emotional impact. The event ended with a piece of pure entertainment with the “social music party”, a big karaoke event that involved all the spectators, who sang along to the notes of the great classics.

Filmmaster Events designed and produced all the event’s content, from the afternoon convention to the final show, creating all communication materials and installations.

Ready 2 Go was awarded the first price in BTOB best event category and the second prize in Convention category at Bea Italy 2019 - Italian Festival of Events and Live Communication.

  • 16,200 sqm of surface set up for the event

  • 1,300 international guests invited (dealers, sales managers, VIP customers, etc.)

  • 45 performers and dancers

  • 25 IVECO trucks used during the evening

  • over 5 hours of event, including the convention and final show

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