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The new IVECO T-WAY is the latest addition to the off-road truck range from leading industrial vehicle manufacturer CNH Industrial Group.


This Filmmaster Events project marks a new milestone in the evolution of post-Covid events. Far from being a simple commercial launch using a conventional digital event set-up, the IVECO T-WAY's debut has become a true cinema-quality video production, specifically designed for an Over-the-Top (OTT) platform, the IVECO Live Channel ( The exclusive focus on the content makes this the event itself, by means of a video-narration that develops like a real story.


The 25-minute film made by Filmmaster Production, the Filmmaster Group's production company, and directed by Vittorio Bonaffini, overturns traditional narrative logic for a launch event, where the reveal takes place at the end. Instead, it unfolds an original tale to discover the IVECO T-Way, in which the speakers take turns, in a sort of relay race in different settings, all reflecting the "toughness" of the T-WAY, whose launch campaign features the slogan "Treat It Bad".

From a soundstage, in which a battle of lights creates a sort of challenge between an IVECO T-WAY and a drummer, to the typical working environment of a breccia quarry in the Turin area, celebrating the vehicle's robustness and durability. Then following on to the CNH Industrial Village in Turin, where the sequence turns into an exclusive product, a sort of original docu-reality show, just like a streaming platform production, designed to be enjoyed in multi-screen mode and thus revolutionizing the traditional concept of commercial presentation.

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