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For Kuwait's 50th Anniversary celebration Filmmaster was privileged with the challenge of being behind the concept and the production of the entire event in a direct liaison with the Al Diwan Al Amiri. For this historic affair the Kuwaiti government had a grand vision comprising of a fireworks show that was to last over an hour including sound, light and laser design that was to be displayed along the Corniche of Kuwait City. Further highlights to celebrate this momentous occasion included an exhibition of Kuwaiti landmarks, a grand street parade that besides giant inflatables featured also dancers and musicians and as a further pinnacle of entertainment an aerobatics airshow.  Additional visual support came from a majestic laser and light show that originated from five large cubical shapes which were erected off-shore as well as numerous bigger scaled screens on the Corniche some in the shape of sails, kites and planes that additionally featured pyro effects. The five main themes of the show were - Heritage, Pride, Freedom, Constitution and Prosperity.

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