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We don’t sell digital packages. We don’t offer rate promotions. 

We know that a great project is never a “same for all” link solution.

Our Platform is called Giorgia, Giulia, Jelena, Liza, Dania, Fabio, Ricky, Matte, Marco, Adri, Neb, Fede, Dario, Alf, Andre, Dani, Francesco, John, Bran, Arzo, Alex… It carries the names, ideas, corporate culture knowledge of those who work with us in Italy, in the Middle East and in many other countries.

They are your power, they are your Platform.

Our challenge is still the same: to create unique and spectacular events.

For this reason, we have made partnerships with digital providers, but have firmly chosen not to ever bend our creative intelligence to a single technology. 

We believe it’s time to invest in editorial content, innovative formats, events designed to cater emotions and recall memories.

Never adapting the project to the most obvious solution. 

Filmmaster Evenst Manifesto #webelieveinhumanity

We are ready to continue our route and we will be back to do it “live”, implementing both virtual and real. Together. 

With passion, enthusiasm, experience, with the courage to fight all the obstacles, including fear, side by side with thousands of journey companions who have reached with us extraordinary successes.

With head and heart.

We believe in the power of events and in the human factor.

Because we are Filmmaster, always been for 45 years.

And forever will be. 

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