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For the release of the film El Camino, the highly awaited finale of the Netlix cult series Breaking Bad, Filmmaster Events created an interactive exhibition path dedicated to the series and to the première of the newly released movie.


For two days, on the 11th and 12th October 2019 in Rome, at the Fonderie centre (former Guido Reni Military Barracks), Filmmaster Events conjured up a visitor experience, immersing approximately 1,200 guests in the most iconic atmospheres of the series “Breaking Bad”, all through the reconstruction of settings, objects, sounds, lights and projections.


Twelve interactive installations inspired by the world of Breaking Bad made it possible to showcase the series’ most symbolic objects: gas masks, a bath tub corroded by acid, the El Camino Chevrolet and a tarantula.


At the end of the interactive path, 350 lucky fans took their place in a screening room, for the première of the film El Camino.  

  • 2-day event

  • 1,000mq of exhibition space

  • 12 interactive installations

  • 1,200 guests

  • 7 film screenings in the programme

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