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Filmmaster Events took a leading role in the contemporary art sector by organising and managing
the 2022 edition of Noor Riyadh, the world's largest and most important light art festival,
promoted by Riyadh Art and the Royal Commission for Riyadh City.

The festival - titled We Dream of New Horizons - took place in Ryiadh, Saudi Arabia, from November 3 to
19 throughout the city, involving 40 different locations in 5 landmark districts.


The exhibition was a true open-air contemporary art gallery with more than 190 artworks by more
than 130 major representatives and promising talents of contemporary art, including large-scale
installations, projections and awe-inspiring experiences dedicated exclusively to light. The Noor
Riyadh 2022 program also included an exhibition, titled From Spark to Spirit, ending on February 4,
2023, devoted to themes such as "Technologies of Light", Architectonics of Light" and "Consciousness
of Light", with the purpose of exploring the role of light in shaping relationships and as a sign of change.

The Filmmaster Events team - consisting of 220 people of about 25 different nationalities -
oversaw all aspects related to the operating management, from the preparation
of some of the exhibition locations to coordinating the daily agenda of events, from security to
logistics, to community engagement - an integral part of the Festival - with a program of more
than 500 events open to the public including talks, workshops, family activities, live music, light
and drone-shows.

  • 220 people from 25 different countries in the operational team

  • 40 locations in 5 districts

  • 190 artworks

  • more than 500 experiences open to the public

  • 2.8 million visitors

  • 6 Guinness World Records achieved (largest light art festival, most multirotors/drones performing an aerial dance display, largest laser show, longest distance covered by a laser light show, highest mesh screen on a building, and largest mesh screen on a building)

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